As a descendent of Edward R. Murrow, he has always been a hero to me. His honesty and bold reporting style is what I believe all journalist's should aspire to be like. He wasn't afraid to step outside of the boundaries and stayed true to what was right. My father, the late John Lincoln Murrow III, along with my mom and two older sisters, lived in the house Edward was born in and lived at in Polecat Creek, NC until he moved to the West Coast as a young boy. Before I was born, a devastating fire started by the wood stove burned the house to the ground claiming all of my family's belongings. Luckily, all of my family members made it out safe. The things were just things and could be replaced. I never had the privilege of living there, only seeing pictures.

As a child, and after my father passed away, I can remember my sweet Uncle Mike Murrow giving me Edward R. Murrow memorabilia. I was fascinated by the drive and ambition he must have had to achieve his success and make a mark in history. It didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted to pursue Broadcasting. 
I had the opportunity to travel to the West Coast last summer. My husband and I traveled to Hollywood for the day so I could find his Hollywood star and some inspiration. I searched for hours, only to find his star was about 50 feet from our parking spot. Sometimes what you're looking for really is right in front of you! Edward R. Murrow will always be an inspiration to me. He broke the mold. I like to think that some of his talent, even if it's a t tiny tenth of an ounce, is in my genes! 
Marilyn Monroe isn't a hero of mine but I've always been fascinated with her sass and style, true old Hollywood glam! I've been so intrigued in fact, that I chose a "Halleywood" theme for my Bridal Brunch before my wedding. All of my girls dressed like their favorite celebrities. Of course, I dressed like the one and only Marilyn!